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Jellycat Bashful Animals


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Jellycat Bashful Black & Cream Puppy

This lovely Jellycat is silky-soft and lovingly loyal, Bashful Black & Cream Puppy wants to play..


Jellycat Bashful Bramble Bear

Bramble Bear has possibly the most beautiful fur, in shades of shimmery beiges and browns. She’s ver..


Jellycat Bashful Chaucer Dog

This Jellycat Bashful Chaucer Dog loves long walks, especially if you tell him a story on the way! T..


Jellycat Bashful Dora Dolphin

The Jellycat Dora Dolphin loves diving and splashing, and comes from the deep blue sea. Right now, s..


Jellycat Bashful Dragon

The Jellycat dragons is different to normal dragons that are scaley and can be quite scary.This litt..


Jellycat Bashful Joey

The Jellycat Bashful Joey is normally tucked up in his mummy’s tummy pouch, but today he’s come out ..


Jellycat Bashful Kitty

With her silver fur she is sure to stand out among the other cats, with her cute little pink nose an..


Jellycat Bashful Ladybug

Jellycat Bashful Ladybug is a small ladybug with bright red fur with black spots. With his cute litt..